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Welcome to GoPharmacy!


This website is an integral part of the Foundation's Pharmacy Awareness, developed to raise awareness of the growing shortage of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists in the United States and to introduce prospective students and pharmaceutical professionals to the many opportunities in pharmacy as a career.

The primary mission of the Parenteral Drug Association Foundation for Pharmaceutical Sciences' ( Foundation) is to raise funds to provide grants to educators and graduate students for study proposals designed to advance basic and applied pharmaceutical sciences.

It was the vision of our founder, L. Nina Demuth, that the Foundation develop this campaign to promote pharmacy, in its many varied aspects, as a career for young people, with the goal of helping to alleviate the nationwide shortage of pharmacists.

With the support of our Board of Directors, key national pharmacy professional organizations, major pharmaceutical industry corporations and individuals, this campaign is dedicated to her memory and the many contributions she made to education of pharmaceutical scientists and ultimately to the health of the public.

Looking beyond traditional scientific disciplines, The Foundation seeks to initiate interdisciplinary projects that bring together pharmacists, pharmaceutical engineers, biochemists, chemists, and microbiologists to explore new concepts. By working together with state-of-the-art technology, these scientists transcend the limits of current knowledge.

Through The Foundation's support of research activities, advances in the treatment of disease are facilitated through the use of novel pharmaceutical tools available to practitioners throughout the world.

The Generic Drugs Association Foundation for Pharmaceutical Sciences, Inc. ( Foundation), a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit corporation, raises funds and provides grants to educators and graduate students for study proposals designed to advance the basic and applied pharmaceutical sciences. Through its Grant Program, the Foundation seeks to help alleviate the shortage of skilled medical and pharmaceutical scientists, a situation that could hamper the research, development and manufacture of new pharmaceutical products and delivery technologies needed to improve healthcare. Through its Pharmacy Awareness Program, the Foundation seeks to raise awareness of the growing shortage of pharmacy professionals and to provide career search opportunities.

Since its incorporation in 1979, the Foundation has awarded almost $2 million to 85 graduate students at 33 of the nations leading colleges, universities and medical centers. Given the high cost of tuition, these grants make it possible for many students to continue their pursuit of graduate degrees, while exposing them to the challenge and excitement of research and the pursuit of new scientific frontiers.

Currently, The Foundation is funding two grant offerings: the 2005 Schering-Plough Grant ($20,000) provided to the University of Connecticut and the 2005 Millipore/Charles P. Schaufus Grant (up to $45,000, payable as $22,500 in cash and up to $22,500 in Millipore equipment).

The Foundation's grant program provides a mentoring program for the students while their research is conducted. A member of the Foundation's Board of Directors is assigned to each grant and is in contact with the Principal Investigator and the student on a regular basis.

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